Playboy Playmates


Gabi is a Playboy amateur that should immediately leave her day job and become to porn actress. She has one of the prettiest faces I’ve ever wanted to come across, and some of the deepest blue eyes you will ever see. Could yo imagine her in a POV scene? Exactly. Now generally I don’t like chicks with the smaller tits, but the rest of her body nicely makes up for what she’s lacking upstairs, and while only weighing in at only 100Lbs, I can only imagine the things that could be done with her in the sack. (Merry Go-round anyone?)

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Madonna, Nude Celebrities


So Madonna was pretty hot when she wanted to be. At times she would come across very strange, and dirty (not the good dirty), and sometimes you could claim her as being the hottest pop star alive. I don’t get all the extra hair she used to have, I mean shave woman, shave. I know t was “cool” to no shave for a while there, but come on already, I went from wanting to bang Madonna to throwing up in a trashcan in the lobby of my motel room after seeing these pictures. I guess at the time they considered this “art”.  One thing I do know, is that that weird hipster/new age/creepy celebrity photographer Terry Richardson would make the photographer that took these look like fucking play-doh.

I also have a feeling that she’s be terrible in bed. Like one of those chicks that has a hard time cumming, and makes it known that if she doesn’t cum, the whole sexual experience is going to be horrible for both parties. I could only imagine that having sex with Madonna would probably be a lot like having sex with Kendra Wilkinson. Horrible. Remember she famously came and then made her boyfriend finish himself off in her hand.

Anyways, these are the nude pictures taken of Madonna back in 1985, try and enjoy them.

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Celebrity Bikini, Victoria Silvstedt


The always bangin’ hot Victoria Silvstedt, showed off her amazing bikini body as she took a vacation to St Tropez recently.

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Playboy Playmates


Shantal Monique is our featured Playboy Cybergirl of the day and she might be one of the hottest Playboy cybergirls ever. I’m not sure why she hasn’t be on the cover of every magazine in the world, but hey, haters gonna hate I guess.

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Playboy Playmates


Ever nail a black chick bareback? I have, and they are pretty fun in the sack. This one time I literally ripped a part of a weave out of this black chick’s hair when I was hitting it from the back. So if you have a chance, nail one. Sure, most of them are overweight, but it makes for a nice ride.

Anyways, today’s Playboy Cybergirl of the day is Teresa Ransom, and she is one hot piece of black ass (and by black I mean black), kind of like a cup of coffee without any cream or sugar.

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Celebrity Bikini, Laura Cremaschi


Here are some new bikini pictures of Laura Cremaschi that popped up today, and they might be even sexier than I posted a few days ago. These new pictures show off her most amazing feature, her ass, and they almost produced a very nice celebrity nip slip, but the damn bikini top got in the way.

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Celebrity Bikini, Gwen Stefani


Some new bikini pictures of Gwen Stefani started circulating last night, and I finally got my hands on some decent sized ones. I’m not sure why these fucking paparazzi can’t get better quality shots, but beggars can’t really be choosers. But anyways, Gwen Stefani looks fucking incredible. She might be celebrity MILF of the year. You can definitely tell she spends quite a bit of time in the gym, and probably a lot of cardio by fucking. Gwen is banging hot, it’s just a shame she sucks as an “Artist”. The only time she had any talent is when she fronted ‘No Doubt’, but it’s now no doubt that her body is the only thing left standing in her luxurious career.

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