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Melanie Thierry Nude Sex Scene
Posted On:
January 21, 2014

This is a pretty hot nude sex video of actress Melanie Thierry, and I must say, she has one smoking hot body.

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Pamela Anderson Nude Playboy Pics
Posted On:
October 28, 2013


These have always been some of my favorite nude Playboy pictures of Pamela Anderson. She is, and always will be the hottest Hollywood vixen of our generation.

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Glee Star Heather Morris Leaked Nude Pictures
Posted On:
October 22, 2013


Sure these leaked nude pictures of Heather Morris are a few years old now, but I stumbled across them again today and thought they were worth re-posting.


Miley Cyrus Nude Screen Caps From Wrecking Ball Video
Posted On:
September 12, 2013


Oh yes, she’s so…artistic? Yeah right, trick. Just grow your hair back out, keep your tongue in your mouth unless your giving someone a blowjob and trying so hard to be emo. We get it – you want you’re own identity. You want to be cutting edge, but Miley, dear girl, you would be much hotter, if you were just yourself, and not trying so hard to be someone else.

However these screen caps from her new video are pretty hot, I mean she has a nice body on her, I just wish she’d learn how to channel her artistic side a bit more.


Lady Gaga Nude V Magazine Pics
Posted On:
September 3, 2013


Here are some more nude pictures of Lady Gaga that were featured in V magazine. I have no idea what V magazine is, but with pictures like this, I may want to get a subscription.

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Madonna Vintage Nude Pictures
Posted On:
August 22, 2013


So Madonna was pretty hot when she wanted to be. At times she would come across very strange, and dirty (not the good dirty), and sometimes you could claim her as being the hottest pop star alive. I don’t get all the extra hair she used to have, I mean shave woman, shave. I know t was “cool” to no shave for a while there, but come on already, I went from wanting to bang Madonna to throwing up in a trashcan in the lobby of my motel room after seeing these pictures. I guess at the time they considered this “art”.  One thing I do know, is that that weird hipster/new age/creepy celebrity photographer Terry Richardson would make the photographer that took these look like fucking play-doh.

I also have a feeling that she’s be terrible in bed. Like one of those chicks that has a hard time cumming, and makes it known that if she doesn’t cum, the whole sexual experience is going to be horrible for both parties. I could only imagine that having sex with Madonna would probably be a lot like having sex with Kendra Wilkinson. Horrible. Remember she famously came and then made her boyfriend finish himself off in her hand.

Anyways, these are the nude pictures taken of Madonna back in 1985, try and enjoy them.

Ursula Andress Nude Playboy Pictures
Posted On:
August 18, 2013


These are some ancient Playboy pictures, taken in 1965 of actress Ursula Andress, who is well into her late 70′s now. This is back when women, were real women and not full of plastic and silicone with bad plastic surgery as they are now. Hollywood is so full of fake skanks now who only get famous from sex tapes and rehab, and it’s a crying shame. Women used to have class and elegance, and now they just degrade themselves by doing something strange for a small piece of change. Sad.

Regardless of my personal views on celeb whores, check out more vintage and new age nude celebs featured by Playboy here.

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