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Claudia Romani White Bikini Upskirt Pics
Posted On:
January 15, 2014


One of my favorite attention whores Claudia Romani makes one hell of a splash at the beach recently when she showed up in a white bikini, showing us some nice shots of her backside. Yes please, I’m interested.

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Claudia Romani Miami Bikini Pics
Posted On:
September 17, 2013


I’ve been a “fan” of Claudia Romani for a very log time now, and even though she has no talent outside of her sexy ass in a bikini, she is still the queen of my perverted little heart.


Claudia Romani Thong Bikini Pics
Posted On:
August 13, 2013


She’s the biggest attention whore since the glory days of Paris Hilton, but she’s way hotter. In fact I have no idea why Claudia Romani is even famous – if she even is. I just keep seeing half naked attention whore pictures of her, hoping that at some point she busts (no pun intended) out her very own sex tape.

Claudia Romani Yellow Bikini Pictures
Posted On:
April 1, 2013


Claudia Romani is one of the hottest women alive. I simply love her. And as of now, SHE now has the best ass in a bikini that I’ve seen today. Good lord.

Claudia Romani Takes A Stroll On The Beach
Posted On:
March 26, 2013

claudia-romani-bikini-4I’m pretty much in love with¬†Claudia Romani. I’m not sure why I think these pictures are so incredibly hot – but they are. I wish we had a few more ass shots, but these half bikini pictures of her are hotter than most celebrity bikini pictures that we see, so I’m quite satisfied.

Claudia Romani Thong Upskirt Pictures
Posted On:
March 15, 2013


One of my all time favorite celebs is¬†Claudia Romani. In my opinion she has a perfect body. Just check out these new celebrity upskirt pictures of her showing off one of the best asses you will ever see. I’m speechless.

Claudia Romani Miami Beach Thong Bikini Pictures
Posted On:
March 6, 2013


Claudia Romani is banging hot. These new thong bikini pictures of her taken in Miami Beach recently are incredible. I checked her elbows and by doing a quick elbow check I assumed she was in her late 30′s, but Google says she’s just 30 years old. So I guess she just has a lot of miles on her, and with an ass like that you can easily understand why.

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