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Mimi and Nikko Love and Hip Hop Sex Tape
Posted On:
April 22, 2014

The Mimi and Nikko sex tape was released this week and it is smoking hot. They are both from the reality TV show Love and Hip Hop that’s on VH1 and they fucking GO AT IT in this new celebrity sex tape. It features a ton of hardcore porn scenes including the best shower fucking scene you’ve ever seen!

Download the Mimi and Nikko sex tape here.

Sydney leathers Fucks Weiner
Posted On:
August 23, 2013

Sydney Leathers is now semi “famous”. All because she was being a whore and texting various men trying to land a sugar daddy. Fortunately for her she started sexting Anythony Weiner (Mayor of NY) and used it to catapult herself into fame and now has her very own lucrative porn career blossoming. She has already dropped two sex tapes, one solo masturbation and one of her fucking a Weiner look-a-like. So, she’s a dirty, no talented whore, but God Bless America. She is now making a pretty decent living fucking on camera. God, I love this country.

Check out the rest of her sex tapes and porn here.

Myla Sinanaj Sex Tape
Posted On:
August 12, 2013


Who the fuck is Myla Sinanaj? She’s a big fat nobody who happened to be hooked up with basketball star Kris Humpries sometime after Kim Kardashian was fucking him. In her attempt to be famous because of that, she released her very own celebrity sex tape to try and one up Kim. I guess she thought if she fucked a guy who looked like Kris Humphries, she would be mega famous like Kim Kardashian. Truth be told, she is sort of famous now. How can you not be famous when you get fucked in the ass in a sex tape trying to launch your career?

The sex tape is quite good, and I urge you to click on over and check it out. If you just want to see the trailer, click here. Otherwise click here to check out the whole thing.

Sydney Leathers Masturbation Sex Tape
Posted On:
August 5, 2013


Sydney Leathers has taken full advantage of her new found fame (by being Anthony Weiners sexting partner) and released her very own celebrity masturbation sex tape, following in the very footsteps of Octomom. I’ve seen the tape and it’s pretty good.

Download the Sydney Leathers sex tape here.



Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen Mom Sex Tape
Posted On:
May 7, 2013


Haters be damned. The Farrah Abraham sex tape is the hottest celebrity sex tape I’ve ever seen. She gets down like a porn star and loves every second of it. She brags about her ass and sexy body, begs to get fucked in the ass and then lets James Deen cum in her ass and then she sucks his dick clean!

Like, I said, hottest celebrity sex tape ever.

Download The Farrah Abraham sex tape here!

Download the Farrah Abraham sex tape here for $4.95 and get access to every single celebrity sex tape that Vivid has, including the Kim Kardashian sex tape!


Melissa King Sex Tape
Posted On:
February 28, 2013


The sex tape/porn of Miss. Delaware/ Melissa King popped up today, and it is bangin’. Not only is Melissa King hot-as-fuck, she also loves to get fucked on camera for cash. Sure, she’s denying that it’s her in the video, but unless she has a twin – she’s cold hard busted.

Watch the Melissa King sex tape here.



Miley Cyrus Sex Tape Leaked
Posted On:
December 1, 2012

It’s finally been leaked! The Miley Cyrus sex tape has been leaked and available for download here. If you’ve been waiting for this emo slut to take off her clothes and fuck on camera – your wait is over.

Check out the Miley Cyrus sex tape here.

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