Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff


My hands, and mind are very dirty. I’ve had a major crush on Hilary Duff ever since she filmed those annoying gum commercials years ago. Sure, she’s fell off a bit lately with having a kid and all, and yes her body took quite a hit, and now she probably has stretch marks that only a mother could love, but before all that, she looked like this. Your mouth watering yet? Good it should be. She’s a fine piece of work.

So, these nudes have popped up, and I’m not disappointed. Sure, I’m holding out for her sex tape to be released, but until then, I’ll have to sit back and enjoy these raw nude pics of her, and pray to Allah, that the Hilary Duff sex tape will see the light of day sometime soon. However, let me be clear, I’m only interested in it, if she filmed it BEFORE she had a baby.

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